Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (12th - 14th December 2011)


Had breakfast at the lounge in the hotel. There were scrambled egg, sausage, baked beans, toasted bread and coffee. After which we took a taxi from our hotel to Sentral Pudu to catch a bus to Genting and following which a cable car up.
Queuing up to buy tickets for the coach to genting
We had to wait for 2 hours for the coach to arrive and hence toured around the area near Petaling Street (aka  Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown) and went shopping meanwhile. Bought a pair of comfortable slippers at only RM$25. Also found an A&W outlet opposite Sentral Pudu bus terminal.
A&W outlet near Petaling Street
A&W says "Hi"
Went back to the holding area to wait for the coach.
Waiting for the coach to arrive
Upon arrival at the genting skywalk we queued up to board the cable car.
Queuing for the cable car at Genting Skywalk
Cable Car
The view from the cable car
Then, we bought the Unlimited Outdoor Rides ticket at RM$50 each and went into the Theme Park.
Wristband for unlimited outdoor rides at the Genting Theme Park
Unlimited wristband
Genting Outdoor Theme Park map
More popular attractions in the Theme Park
Entire outdoor theme park map. We visited each and every part of it. Although it wasn't very fantastic, the weather was very cooling and superb for high speed rides like roller coasters etc.
A cafe, not a bus!

Interior of the theme park
This dinosaurland....
Ice cream and ferris wheel

View from the top of Genting Highlands
Before we left Genting, we bought some souvenirs.
Keychains from Genting
At around evening, we came down from Genting and went into Petaling Street for dinner.
Petaling Street eating place
The tables and chairs

Teh Tarik
And there was a pet shop at the end of Petaling Street....
"Buy me!"

After shopping at the night market along Petaling Street, we decided to head down to Times Square. It was peak period (around 7pm) and we took a cab. There was a rather heavy jam along the way.
Times Square
Times Square interior!
Adidas outlet in Times Square. Check out the 'SALE' word!
Interior of Times Square shopping mall
Some of the cheaper items we bought from Times Square:
Nicely wrapped wallet!
RM$37 (SGD$15) after discount. I think there was 70% discount!
Various compartments
Very comfy to hold, a combination of leather, cloth and zip!
Then we spent 1 hour in the Factory Outlet Store choosing for clothes and stuff.
Factory Outlet Store at Times Square
Mega Huge FOS
2 polo t-shirt at only RM$64 (SGD$25)
Haul from FOS; also bought other items... ie another branded wallet for only RM$33!
After all the shopping, we took a 8 minutes walk back to the hotel and saw a hotel called Hotel Orkid Inn, which copied Hotel Orkid. Please don't be scammed when you visit KL! 

We then had supper near our hotel and bought ice-cream from the convenience store. Magnum only at RM$4  (SGD$1.60) each. How cheap is that?

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